Subscription Sales Information

The lineup of subscribers consortium, NANC (North America Nurimedia Collective) is completed as of Feb 2012.
 If you are not a member of NANC, Please contact our agency.


KF Grant Program

The Korea Foundation offers a “support for Korean Studies e-Resources” program.
For researchers, universities and institutions studying Korean studies, KF provides cost-sharing assistance to select universities and libraries to reduce the cost of subscription. Please subscribe DBpia through this program, which supports 50% of the annual subscription(maximum support is $5,000).

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Free Trial

DBpia offers 3 months free Trial Service.

Free trial service is available for 3 months.
We provide the unlimited access permission for these periods.
No disadvantages even if you decide not to subscribe DBpia after the free trial.

Please feel free to e-mail us if you have any question about DBpia or trial service.